Veteran Motocross Foundation is a joint lifestyle enrichment and recovery solution. We empower veterans struggling with the physical and mental scars of service to leverage the benefits of motocross. While tapping into the thrill seeking personality that makes our service men and women so brave in combat

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Chad Reed and Veteran MX Founders Dustin & Cody Blankinship at the Chad Reed ride day at Lake Sugar Tree in Axton, Virginia


@deanwilson15 stop by the our Wednesday night Throttle Therapy session at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, CA

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Tylor Archer and 7DeuceDeuce at LACR in PalmDale, CA


Moto Hero Award

Brendon Brown receiving the Moto Hero Award fromt Broc Glover at Round 2 of Lucas Oil ProMotocross at Thunder Valley, CO

Research has shown that physical experiences which are thrilling and physically demanding can re-center human brain chemistry.  For newcomers to the sport of motocross, time on a dirt bike is called “throttle therapy” because riding can create feelings of euphoria that may exceed the capabilities of prescription or illegal drugs.